It was difficult deciding on a title for this post, The Last Hurrah With Colour was another option. Colour (or color as my US readers would write) has always played a big role in my wardrobe. I like colour! In the past, shades of every hue made up my sweater, shirt, jeans, coat and dress collection. As you can imagine, my wardrobe was ridiculously large as a result. Over the past few years I’ve downsized a few times slowly weeding out purchases from my twenties. More recently I downsized again when moving back from South Africa, this was mainly because the change in climate meant all the light and floaty numbers I was hoarding were no longer practical. A couple of months ago, I purged again in order to fit my entire collection of clothes, shoes and accessories into the much smaller townhouse we rented in the city.

I’ve learnt a lot from the process of downsizing that has had me rethinking my colour obsession lately. Firstly, during the purging process, I found the two clothing piles I’d create of keep and shed, were predominantly split by palette of neutrals and colours, with neutrals making up most of the keep pile. Of course they are more versatile pieces thats a given! But I also found that my favourite pieces, those that I had invested the most in were mostly made up (apart from this coat) of neutral tones mainly camel, ivory, grey, olive, navy and black. 

So I’ve decided a little experiment is in order. I’m going to shed colour from my wardrobe completely (well except the dress in this look and that coat of course :-)) and go all out with neutral tones from the remainder of the autumn winter season. Can I do it? Honestly I have no idea but experimenting with my style, changing things up and having fun with fashion is what its all about for me. So, I’m selling a ton of clothes on my Depop page, which you can access from the bottom of my blog. Or you can shop my eBay page with username yateza0. New listings will be added daily for the next couple of weeks.

Here goes…x






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Every year since I can remember, I’ve looked forward to the beginning of winter and the excitement that came from getting a new winter coat. My mother would take me in to Edinburgh or Glasgow and the hunt for the perfect winter warmer would begin. There are two coats during those years that will always stand out for me because of the memories they hold. The first was a coat mum bought for me without my say in choosing it. I remember feeling so incensed that I hadn’t been able to choose the multicoloured beauty with her, that I refused to wear it for over a month, well until I was too cold to argue anymore. Yes I was seriously stubborn back then. I remember putting it on, my hands slipping into the silky lined pockets and never wanting to take it off. The sadness I felt when it no longer fit was crippling for a then 11 year old…  Kids huh?!

The second was my first full length coat. It was ankle grazing, charcoal in colour, double breasted, masculine in a way and perfect. I was 16 and thought it was the coolest things I had ever seen. I took a trip to Paris that year with my best friend and our mothers and remember standing outside of the Chanel store having my picture taken by my bestie. A picture I will remember forever as a time of awakening. It was the first time I didn’t shy away from the camera, the first time I didn’t feel awkward anymore. The first time I felt like I knew who I was. I realised a lot later that clothes contain a power not to be underestimated. The feelings they can invoke in you and how other people see you are beyond the superficial. I knew then my love of fashion was going to be a life long kinda love. 

Fast forward to this year and although I said I wouldn’t, I’m gonna, buy a new winter coat that is. This year making a decision is seriously tough what with my favourite high street brands pulling out all the stops. I’m looking for a high quality piece without the designer price point that will last season after season. So I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 picks of the season so far, and have included a few more options below that also float my boat. I think you’ll love them too…x



saddle-bag How often have you walked, driven, cycled around your town or city and thought to yourself I wonder where that road leads too? For me, the answer is all the time mostly because I haven’t lived in my current city, Oxford for very long. Its been a year and a half now since we made the move back from South Africa, and there is still so much to explore. This weekend whilst ferrying our children to activities around the city, Andrew and I took a few new turns and discovered a whole host of hidden gems from a cute lunch spot by the water to a picturesque village that has been added to our house buying search list (more on that to come). Moving forward, we have promised each other we will make a new turn each week in order to discover more about the place we decided to make our home. And for me personally, this weekend has taught me that the road less travelled is often the best route to finding your own path…x zara-coat everyday-fall-style autumn-street-style karen-millen-saddle-bag the-cole-collection

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